Areas of expertise

CANNIZZO, ORTIZ Y ASOCIADOS, S.C. is a Law Firm offering a wide range of legal services to its domestic and international clients. Its services are based on the Mexican legal system, however, its attorneys, who are either from or have studied in Mexico, the United States and Europe, are specialized in multijurisdictional business and transactional matters. As such, they have optimum comparative knowledge regarding the legal, economic and cultural realities existing in the countries in which their clients operate. This knowledge has proven very useful in assisting non-Mexican clients with the prevention and resolution of legal problems involving Mexico.

The attorneys of Cannizzo, Ortiz y Asociados, S.C. work closely and creatively with their clients to achieve their specific objectives, creating practical, innovative solutions to the challenges presented by business in these modern times.

Cannizzo, Ortiz y Asociados, S.C. offers its experience and capabilities for the solution of legal problems and support in transactions covering the following areas:


We assist and represent our clients in all aspects of commercial and corporate law. We have broad experience in areas related to securities, international acquisitions, distribution, agency and franchise arrangements, trusts and economic competition legislation. In addition, we provide assistance in areas including, among others: the creation of corporate structures, the incorporation of companies and the creation of Mexican branches of foreign companies; the negotiation of shareholders’ agreements; the designation and hiring of officers and directors; assistance and representation in cases involving conflicts among shareholders; the acquisition of assets; public and private share offerings. We have broad experience in mergers and acquisitions and in all kinds of legal due-diligence investigations and negotiations related to the above-described transactions.


We have extensive experience in assisting and representing foreign companies and natural persons with all matters related to direct and indirect investment in Mexico. Our assistance also includes the procedures required to obtain federal government authorizations, recommended structures for Mexican companies, the protection of intellectual property, federal regulation of foreign investment, neutral (non-voting) investment, investment in strategic sectors, branches, the formation and operation of Mexican subsidiaries, export activities, alternative methods of investment, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in Mexico.


We offer assistance in all aspects of real estate law. The Firm has substantial experience in negotiating, structuring and implementing real property acquisitions, sales, exchanges and leasing, as well as in handling all development activities necessary to the completion of all kinds of real estate projects. Our work includes planning and zoning matters, environmental quality matters, property taxation matters, construction contracts, professional contract matters for real estate industry service providers, including agency and real estate brokerage agreements, as well as real estate regulatory compliance and registrations under local, state and federal laws.

We represent both domestic and international clients in connection with their real property investments in Mexico, including the design and implementation of ownership structures and matters related to the regulation of foreign ownership of real property in Mexico. We offer assistance with all aspects of real estate law, including the development of tourist complexes, the development and management of hotels, financing thereof, the structuring and documentation of mega tourist resorts, golf and beach clubs, condominiums, time share and marinas.

In addition to the above, we have broad experience with all aspects related to the negotiation and preparation of construction contracts.


The Firm advises clients with respect to the selection, registration and protection of trademarks, copyrights, patents and service marks, international and domestic licensing of technology, the transfer or trademarks related to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, regulatory matters and international trade, in the negotiation of all kinds of contracts, assignments, licenses and publicity.


The Firm represents foreign banks and financial institutions, private investor groups seeking to enter or expand their presence in the Mexican financial services market, as well as other organizations and individuals with interest in the finance industry.

We assist our clients in structuring and carrying out public offerings, mortgage and non-mortgage financing, certificates of participation and letters of credit. We represent banks in all types of transactions related to domestic and international loans and corporate financing, including syndicated loans, financial leases, project financing and real estate transactions, as well as all related matters.

We work with our clients in the preparation and negotiation of the contracts and other documentation necessary to complete their transactions and for the rendering of their services. We have broad experience in all matters related to the representation of domestic and international insurance companies and we assist our clients with matters relating to the day-to-day management of such companies.

We participate in the incorporation of insurance companies, in obtaining the authorizations necessary for them to operate in Mexico, matters relating thereto arising in connection with foreign reinsurance companies, the purchase and sale of domestic insurance companies and joint ventures with financial groups.

Our attorneys enjoy contacts with and constant feedback from authorities in the Ministry of Finance (Secretaría de Hacienda and Crédito Público), the National Banking and Securities Exchange Commission (Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores), the National Insurance and Bonding Commission (Comisión Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas), the Bank of Mexico (Banco de México), the Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (Instituto para la Protección al Ahorro Bancario), the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros), the Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores) and the Institute for the Deposit of Securities (Instituto para el Depósito de Valores), for the purpose of timely complying with all applicable regulations.


We represent clients involved in the electronics, technology, Internet and e-business industries and we assist them in all kinds of legal matters ranging from the creation of the best corporate structures for engaging in operations in Mexico (considering all matters related to the particular circumstances of each client), to large corporate acquisitions, including the acquisition of shares and assets. Among the activities we engage in are: general legal advice, structuring and strategic planning relating to project financing and capitalization at every stage, from seed to IPO; the registration and protection of domain names, trademarks and copyrights; the preparation of all agreements used in the industry (site construction, software license, Internet services, consulting, sales, leasing, financial leasing and deposit of equipment, hosting, linking, publicity, etc.); all matters relating to the day-to-day management of the company, including tax, regulatory and labor matters, as well as all matters related to e-commerce.


We provide legal assistance so that, in accordance with the provisions of the Agrarian Law and Regulations, our clients may associate with ejidos or communities for the purpose of constructing productive developments in ejido or communal lands, separating said lands from the agrarian regime and incorporating them into the common legal system and transferring said lands to third parties. We participate in agrarian cases in the Unitarian Agrarian Courts and in the Supreme Agrarian Court, as well as in direct and indirect constitutional protection cases involving agrarian law.


We assist our clients in matters relating to employment relationships and the laws that regulate them. Our practice includes both individual and collective matters, including the negotiation and preparation of individual employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements, relations with unions, termination of the labor relationship, work safety matters, contentious labor matters and conflict resolution. Our practice in this area entails not only a high degree of specialization, but also the creativity necessary to satisfy companies’ operating needs within the framework of applicable legislation. We also assist our clients in connection with the hiring and dismissal of executive personnel, the design and implementation of personnel policies, including the adaptation of foreign company compensation systems to local norms and assistance in the hiring of foreign personnel to render services in Mexico. All of the foregoing is handled with the objective of optimizing companies’ human resources to the greatest extent possible.


The Firm assist clients with both permanent immigrant and temporary non-immigrant matters. The Firm's practice in this area concentrates on corporate immigration matters, assisting non-Mexico executives in obtaining the necessary status to permit them to transfer from their home country offices to work at their company's subsidiary or affiliated operations in Mexico. This includes advice to and representation of aliens coming to Mexico to work as business visitors, investors, intercompany transferees and professionals. Clients are also advised in connection with changing resident status and adjusting status as well as with respect to becoming permanent residents in, and naturalized citizens of Mexico.


We have extensive experience representing clients in complex matters relating to various governmental entities, whether federal, state or local. Our experience has shown that achieving the best results for our clients in connection with their desired activities or the defense of their interests depends on the manner in which the matter is presented to the administrative authorities.

Our attorneys represent our clients with all kinds of procedures before the administrative authorities, including the performance of research relating to applicable regulations, judicial and legislative issues, and the obtaining of all kinds permits, authorizations, licenses and concessions at all levels of government.


We have extensive experience in assisting companies with their participation in domestic and international public bids and we assist our clients in all matters related thereto such as: obtaining concessions, prior contact with the competent authorities for the purpose of requesting clarifications regarding the formation of corporate groups and consortiums, granting of the necessary powers of attorney, analysis of the best structures for successful participation in bids, overall review of all documentation involved in the process, attendance at official bid openings and handling of appeals as provided pursuant to the applicable legislation in case of irregularities or challenges. Our assistance also includes the successive phases of awarding of the contract and granting of the concession, including the structuring and regulation of the legal aspects of the works to be done, products to be sold or services to be rendered.