About us

Cannizzo, Ortíz y Asociados, S.C.

Established in Mexico more than 40 years ago, the firm is as an excellent gateway for doing business in Mexico, thanks to its international education and experience in the approach to the legal practice and a deep understanding of the Mexican reality.

Cannizzo focuses fully on the client’s interests and objectives, offering a highly personalized service in direct contact with the partners, thus providing legal solutions of great efficiency and creativity, together with preventive and strategic advice.

Our extensive experience with Mexican, U.S. and European corporations in international transactions and investments is a guarantee of the international standards of the firm and the ability to serve our clients in transactions that in different occasions go beyond the Mexican borders.

Cannizzo has gathered experience in transactions involving different sectors, which vary in size. The firm has a special experience in the M&A, Real Estate and Hospitality fields, where it has been one of the most active firms in Mexico. It has been involved in real estate financing and M&A transactions, in some cases, with a value higher than one billion dollars.

Unique Features

  • International mentality and deep knowledge of the Mexican reality;

  • Ability to understand the needs of clients of various nationalities and to accommodate their requirements within the framework of the Mexican juridical and economic reality;

  • Members of the Firm with legal training in the US, Mexico and Italy;

  • An essential gateway to understand the dynamics of the country;

  • Total focus on the client’s objectives and interests;

  • Experience in transactions, including large Real Estate, M&A, Hospitality, Foreign Investment and Corporate.

  • Continuous assistance to Mexican, US and European corporations.

  • The Advantage of an International Mentality Firm in Mexico

Cannizzo has grown steadily over time, serving all class of international clients, thanks to its unique knowledge of the foreign and Mexican business practice.

In a reality sometimes complex and not easy to understand such as Mexico, Cannizzo acts as an interpreter and invaluable guide in the reality of the country, where adequate legal protection sometimes is also based on understanding the local behaviors, habits and customs.

Legislation and practice in Mexico have seen a clear evolution in recent years and it is always essential to be creative but also to analyze carefully the structure of each transaction, to avoid any unnecessary risk.

To avoid the problems and to find the solutions, it is therefore essential to combine a rigorous theoretical knowledge of the Mexican law, a deep experience of local practice and a clear understanding of the Mexican culture and the culture and interests of the client.

International standards to exceed the client's expectations

Cannizzo provides legal solutions in operations of all sizes.

The philosophy of the firm is strongly focused on the interests and objectives of the client. We put into practice international standards, international mentality and deep knowledge of Mexico, always aiming to exceed client’s expectations. Our extensive experience enables us to develop innovative and solid strategies that achieve the best results for our clients.

This strong commitment to service and accuracy manifests itself in a highly personalized service, in direct contact with partners of the firm and with the support of a solid, bicultural and bilingual staff (Spanish and English). Partners of the firm carried out studies in Mexico, the United States and Italy.